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Enterprise Mobility Strategies

Strategies to help solve today's current mobility challenges

October 18, 2012


7 CPE / 0.7 CEU / CISSP / 7 PDU Credits Awarded


Conference location: Donald E. Stephens Convention Center Rosemont (O'Hare) Illinois


A rapid shift has once again presented itself in the industry. With the advances in smartphones and tablet computing, employees are now even more productive than ever before. However, these advancements have also caused headaches for the IT professionals responsible for managing the mobile environment.

How do you support the mobile workforce while dealing with the challenges of secure access, policy management as well as training and support.

What You Will Learn

In this one day conference attendees will learn:

  • Business & IT: Finding the Fit and Setting the Mobility Strategy

  • Cloud & The Mobile Stack: How to Mesh Mobile Devices and Applications with Current Systems

  • BYOD – Controlling the Chaos and Achieving Productivity Securely

  • Applications: How to Design Applications with a ‘Mobility First’ Mentality

  • MDM: How to Manage the Intersection of Employee Needs and Mobile Devices

  • Mobility and Enterprise IT Leaders: How IT Departments are Managing the Challenges and Capitalizing on the Opportunities

Conference Program

8:00am - 9:00am - Registration and Continental Breakfast



Business & IT: Finding the Fit and Setting the Mobility Strategy

John Dasher, Sr. Director of Product Management, Good Technology

Users are demanding more mobile options and IT is responsible for safeguarding the organization’s information assets. At the same time, CIOs are eager to increase mobility while CFOs are looking for ROI. How should you set a strategy that helps drive the business forward but has safeguards in place that do not preclude leveraging mobility for business innovation?

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • Where mobility fits in their organization
  • How IT and the business should work together
  • Who the stakeholders are and what is important to them
  • How to set realistic expectations with users
  • How to determine ROI measurements
  • How to leverage mobility to move the business forward

10:00am -10:30am - Refreshment Break



Cloud & The Mobile Stack: How to Mesh Mobile Devices and Applications with Current Systems

Subbu Ramanathan, Technology Manager (Assistant VP), Wells Fargo

Increasing an organization’s mobility has tremendous value for the enterprise but it can wreak havoc on the architecture if not properly planned for. How do you keep your internal business units mobile and happy, while at the same time ensuring that your architecture does not hit a snag? How and where does cloud fit in?

In this session attendees will learn:

  • How to define the mobile stack
  • How to modify your architecture to support mobility
  • How to leverage the cloud to support the mobile stack
  • How to design your next generation architecture with mobility as the norm
  • How to increase robustness with respect to wireless medium
  • How to increase trustworthiness in the form of enhanced security



BYOD – Controlling the Chaos and Achieving Productivity Securely

Michael Smith, Senior Security Engineer/Security Consultant, ePlus

As the current economic downturn forces companies to cut costs, the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) trend is growing. One of the most hotly debated topics in security over the last few years, BYOD offers unique benefits and challenges to any organization. Join us for this in-depth presentation to examine the realities of BYOD and many of the technical and policy controls recommended for a secure implementation. We will focus on the steps you can take to incorporate a BYOD program at your company while minimizing the risk. During this session, you will learn what technical and policy controls are recommended for a secure implementation.

Content that will be addressed will include how to:

  • Raise awareness about BYOD
  • Identify the benefits and challenges of BYOD
  • Assess the needs and work through the challenges of different stakeholders
  • Take a high-level look at how you can implement BYOD in your enterprise while minimizing your risk
  • Avoid pitfalls of implementation

12:30pm - 1:30pm Luncheon



Applications: How to Design Applications with a ‘Mobility First’ Mentality

J Schwan, Founder and President, Solstice Mobile and Bottega Sol

Due to the ease of use and plethora of mobile applications, most organizations feel that they need to develop mobile applications just to stay relevant. But before you jump in and design applications based on user demand you need to think through what makes sense for your organization.

In this session attendees will gain an understanding of the following:

  • What are the business drivers
  • Weigh the options – mobile App versus mobile website
  • Consider where the app will be used and who will be using it
  • How to follow standard UI conventions
  • How to design based on the needs of the intended users
  • How to test, test and test

2:30pm - 3:00pm - Refreshment Break



MDM: How to Manage the Intersection of Employee Needs and Mobile Devices

Tony Sabaj, Regional Engineering Specialist, Data Loss Prevention, Check Point Software

Mobility isn't a new technology for many companies especially in the retail or distribution industry, but is now a critical trend that is plaguing most CIO's in any industry. With the growth of tablet sales predicted to reach around 200 million units by 2014, CIO's are concerned that they could potentially lose control of the IT environment with every senior executive bringing in a new device that they received as a gift from their spouse and demanding that they have access to the critical business information anywhere, anytime and anyway. Many questions will arise in terms of “do we allow users to bring your own (BYO) devices”, “do we lock applications down”, “what do we do when the device is lost or stolen,” etc.

This session will focus on guiding IT leaders on balancing the considerations required to effectively and efficiently manage the mobile device throughout its full lifecycle. A well-balanced mobility management program starts with:

  • establishing a solid foundation by understanding the business user requirements;
  • identifying necessary security and compliance requirements;
  • establishing the corporate mobility policies, guidelines, processes, and procedures;
  • determining the approach for managing the mobile device (e.g. complete device, application and data management, or just data management).

The critical success factors of the enterprise mobility program are implementing a right-sized mobility management platform that is able to control costs, mitigate risks, and reduce help desk calls while preserving the mobile device as a valuable efficient tool for the business.







Mobility and Enterprise IT Leaders: How IT Departments are Managing the Challenges and Capitalizing on the Opportunities

Brian Smith, General Manager & VP, Endeavour – THE Mobility Company
Ruben Chacon, Associate Director Information Security NA & Global Privacy, Mondelez International
Diana Salazar, Infrastructure, Security & Operations - IT Security Compliance, NORC at the University of Chicago
Fred Kwong, Senior Security Manager, US Cellular
Sergey Chernov, Manager, Enterprise Architecture, NiSource
and other professionals from IT departments

IT organizations across the board are struggling with consumerized devices through their respective organizations. With issues of security, manageability, accessibility, ownership, etc. how can all of this be managed?

In this session attendees will learn from a panel of enterprise IT leaders as to how they are managing and controlling the situations that arise without precluding productivity.

Conference Price: $259.00 per person

Each attendee will receive a certificate awarding 7 CPE credits for CISSP continuing education, in addition to 0.7 CEUs and 7 PDUs. CISSP is a registered certification mark of (ISC)², Inc.


As is always the case at CAMP IT Conferences events, the talks will not include product presentations.  During the continental breakfast, coffee breaks, and the luncheon break you will have the opportunity to informally meet representatives from the following sponsoring companies, who have solutions in the area of the conference.